Tutorial 1: Finding the Average of a Series

In the following line chart displays the average AdTypes at each time sample.

How to use the averageSeries function:

  1. In the Metrics tab, place the cursor in the blank expression node.
  2. In the drop-down list, go the Properties section and select AdTypes.
  3. In the Values drop-down list, select All (*).
  4. Click the popup Add Functions iconimage003.png . The image005.png function node appears below.
  5. Place the cursor in image005.png  function node box.
  6. Type averageSeries or select averageSeries in the drop-down list.

    Your expression tree will now look like this:

  7. Click Save.

How to create a line chart:

  1. In the Expression Builder toolbar, select image009.png.
  2. In the Display as section, select Line.
  3. Click Done.
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