Groups time-series 


Time SeriesMultiple time-series 


Group By 

 Mandatory, group by fields 


Grouped Time SeriesMultiple  

Available in 

Alerts, Composites, Dashboards 

Relevant scope: Optional preliminary step for asPercent and MADDistSeries 

The Group function groups metrics based on one or more dimensions. These groups can then be further manipulated, using additional functions. The Group function by itself has no noticeable effect. 

Usage example 

In the example below, the function AsPercent is applied to metrics that measure average traffic volume for different roads, and have been Grouped by the dimension Traffic_direction: 


The following chart shows average traffic data before applying any function. There are four metrics (four different roads), two have the property Traffic_direction: to, and two have the property Traffic_direction: from.


After applying the AsPercent and Group functions, the data points in the chart represent the percentage within the two Traffic_directiongroups (each adds up to 100%):


Importantly, this enables the presentation and detection of anomalies in metrics that are measured by their relative contribution to the average. (In this example, by their relative contribution to the average traffic volume in the context of traffic direction.) 

Important Note: Group and GroupBy functions serve different use cases, and should not be confused. 

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