Metrics 1.0 Format

Anodot is compatible with the Graphite naming convention, which is a set of tokens describing all attributes of a metric that is unique compared to all other metrics being reported, such as, host name, data center, and what is measured. The name of a metric in Graphite is a single string, with all tokens separated by a period (.).

Graphite format: <Token1>.<token2>.<token3>. … .<tokenN> 

Each token in a metric name represents a property describing what and where is being measured. In the Graphite convention, the position of each token reflects a property in the schema. Anodot indexes each token by its position, for example, Token1 is indexed with the property Pos1. When searching for metrics, the position property can be used to find the right set of metrics. See Metric Expressions.

For example, in the metric 1.0 format, a business metric measuring the amount of click events for event 7033 of users in the US from Android devices and Chrome browser would be reported as:

In this case, Anodot indexes the metric as:

Pos1=ndroid, Pos2=Chrome, Pos=US, Pos4=7033, Pos5=event_count, Pos6=clicks.

Note: The token order must stay consistent for other metrics of the same type. For example, in the above example, all devices must be in Pos1, all browsers must be in Pos2, etc.

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