Editing a Stream Table

To create more focused metrics, you can transform the dimensions by replacing text or extracting Regex prefixes and suffixes before streaming the data.

A stream query can be edited while it is Incomplete.
Note: Live,
 Paused and Initializing streams cannot be edited [See Business Collectors - Overview: Data Manager].


  1. Either navigate to Business Collectors > Data Manager > [Select the stream you want to edit] > Menu MoreIcon.ico > Edit.
    Or on the Stream Table page, click EditTable.ico before you click Stream It.
  2. Hover over a Properties column heading and click the down arrow PropertiesDownArrow.png > Transform to display the Transform dialog box.
  3. Choose  
       Replace to replace text (* is a wildcard)
       Extract to insert a Regex prefix\suffix to be extracted from the fields
       + [Choose] To add more Replace/Extract options
    Transformation will work according to the order they are presented.

  4. Click TransformButton.png.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 to change other Properties.

  6. Click StreamIt_button.png to stream the transformed data into Anodot for processing.
    Streaming will take a few moments - how long depends on your system and the amount of data to be processed. Once the data is Live, it is continually updated and available on an hourly or daily basis depending on the time scale defined in the stream query.
  7. To view the metrics created, navigate to the Anodot Metrics window.

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