Data Manager

Anodot's Data Collectors functionality enables you to stream your metrics and dimensions through Anodot's machine learning algorithms to rapidly find anomalies in your data.

To prepare and process your data:


To stream data either from a web site source, such as Google Analytics, or to upload a file from your local drive,  access the Data Collectors Data Manager.


  • To display a source's stream queries, select it - the streams are displayed in the Streams panel.
  • To rename or delete a source, click MoreIcon.ico, select [Rename/Delete].


The Data Manager displays the Stream status:

Live.png       Historical data gathered or live data being gathered - stream can be viewed and paused or deleted.
2017-04-15_19-12-12.icoGathering historical data, has not reached 'today' - stream can be paused or deleted.
Paused.png  User paused data gathering of a live or initializing stream.
Incomplete.ico   The definitions of the Stream are not complete - stream can be edited, duplicated or deleted.

CompletedIcon.ico Only for uploaded files. Streaming completed - the stream can be viewed, duplicated or deleted.

Note: To view a Live or Completed stream summary [See Stream Summary] or change the status of the stream, click the Menu icon MoreIcon.ico.


Each source can hold several streams. Each stream is created in two steps: 

    1. Defining the Stream Query - what data to collect.
    2. Reviewing and transforming the data in the Stream Table 


Each Stream is created by: 

    • Specifying either a Web site data source or uploading a local file
    • Selecting  metrics and dimension in the source
    • Defining a time range and a time scale

Collecting and Processing Data for Web Site Data
Collecting and Processing Data for CSV Files


Based on your Stream Query, Anodot creates a Stream Table which displays:

  • A time stamp column
  • 'What' columns
  • Properties columns
  • An estimate of the number of metrics the query will create
  • Your account balance of used and available metrics.

To create more meaningful metrics, you can transform the dimensions by replacing text or extracting Regex prefixes and suffixes before streaming the data.

Editing Stream Table
Editing What Columns
Fine-tuning Properties Columns
Adding User-defined Columns
Concatenating Properties Columns
Renaming What and Properties Column Headings


After you've completed selecting selecting and fine-tuning the metrics and dimensions in the Stream Table you are ready to stream the information to Anodot for processing.

Streaming will take a few moments - how long depends on your system and the amount of data to be processed. For Web site data once the data is Live, it is continually updated and available on an hourly or daily basis depending on the time scale defined in the stream query.

Viewing a Stream Summary

To view the  metrics created, navigate to the Anodot Metrics window. 



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