Updating Chart and Meter Tiles

If a tile is designated as Owner can Modify, only the Owner can update the tile metrics. Other
users  can only view the tile metrics - only Metrics is enabled.  

To verify if a tile is Anyone can modify or Owner can modify, click the More Icon.

Click the tile Settings icon: 



 Metrics Add or modify metrics to the chart.
See Metric Expressions 
 Settings Modify Tile name
Link to a website [optional]
Set a Time Range
Set a Value
Manage - add additional selectors
 Duplicate Create a copy of the tile for customization in the current Dashboard.
Note: Tile alert[s] are not duplicated
 Copy tile Create a copy of the tile either in an existing Dashboard or create a new Dashboard.
Delete Delete a tile.
Note: When a tile or a Dashboard containing tiles with alerts is deleted, the alert(s) are detached, not deleted. Alerts are retained in Anodot and will be triggered if and when they affect other metrics.
Export to CSV Export Metrics and Data
Note: The CSV fields are Local time, Metric1, Metric2 value...MetricN value [N=the number of metrics displayed in the chart.]
 Create Alert See Creating Anomaly Alerts on Dashboard Tiles
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