Configuring SAML 2.0 for Google

There are three stages to configure SAML and SSO for Anodot for Google or any
other Identity Provider  [IDP].

  Where Action
Stage 1  Anodot

Activate SAML in Anodot.

  1. Open the Anodot application.
  2. Open the Navigation panel and navigate to the Single Sign-on Configuration window [Settings > Authentication].
  3. Enable the SAML switch to display the SAML form.
Stage 2 Google [or other IDP] 

Add Anodot to the applications managed by your IDP.

  1. Use Anodot's Service Provider details.
  2. The resulting URL login link and  509 certificate will be used as input in Anodot.

Note: You must have admin privileges in your organizations IDP console.

See Configuring Anodot in Google Apps.

Stage 3  Anodot Paste the login link and certificate in the Anodot Single Sign-on Configuration form.


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