Metric Function List and Availability

Add functions to metric expressions to create meaningful analytics. In addition to the Metrics page, metric expressions can be created in Dashboard tiles, the Alerts page and in Composite Metrics. The table below indicates where each of the functions is available.  

FUNCTION Dashboard Alerts  Composite
Absolute  x  x  x
addConstant x x x
Alias   x     
AliasByGroup  x    
AliasByProperty   x     
Alphanumeric  x    
AsPercent   x 
AverageAbove   x     
AverageBelow  x    
AverageSeries   x   x
Changed  x    
CountSeries  x  x
CumulativeSum  x    
CurrentAbove  x    
CurrentBelow  x    
Delta    x   x
Derivative   x   x
DivideSeries    x   x
expMovingAverage   x   x x
Group  x x x
GroupBy   x x x
HighestAverage  x    
HighestCurrent    x     
HighestMax    x     
Invert   x x
IsNonNull  x    
KeepBetweenPercentiles  x    
KeepLastValue   x    
Log   x
LowestAverage    x     
LowestCurrent    x     
LowestMin   x    
madDistSeries   x   x
MadSeries   x  x
MaximumAbove  x    
MaximumBelow  x    
MaxSeries  x x x
MinimumAbove    x     
MinimumBelow    x     
MinSeries    x 
MostDeviant   x     
MovingAverage   x    
MovingMax  x    
MovingMedian    x     
MovingMin   x     
MovingSum x    
MultiplySeries  x
NonNegativeDelta   x 
NonNegativeDerivative   x 
Offset   x 
OffsetToZero  x     
Pairs x x x
PercentMissingValues x    
PercentileSeries   x 
Pow   x 
RatioPairs   x 
RemoveAbovePercentile   x     
RemoveAboveValue   x   x
RemoveBelowPercentile x    
RemoveBelowValue  x   x
RemoveEmpty  x    
RemoveNonEmpty x    
Scale   x 
SubtractSeries  x
SumSeries x
TransformNull x x
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