Concatenating Properties Columns

To concatenate [join] two or more existing Property columns to create one new property column.

  1. On the Stream Table, click Edit Table.
  2. To display the New Column dialog box, click the + icon. 
  3.  From the Choose drop-down menu, select Concatenate.

  4. Type a New Column Name.
  5. Add a Delimiter - any delimiter can be used. 
  6. Use the Column drop-down menus, to select at least 2 properties.
    Note To add more columns, click the + icon.
  7. Click Create New Column. The concatenated column is displayed in the Stream Table.
  8. [Optional] To rename the column heading, hover over the heading and type a new name. 
  9. To add more concatenated columns, repeat steps 2-7.
  10. Check that you’ve finished fine-tuning the Stream Table.
  11. Click Stream It.

 Streaming will take a few moments - how long depends on your system and the amount of data to be processed.

To view the metrics created, navigate to the Anodot Metrics window.

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