Editing What Columns

  1. Click Edit Table in the Stream Table.
  2. Hover over the What column heading you want to edit, to display the Aggregation/Units/Ignore menu What_AggUnitIgnaore.ico .
    Note: To display a truncated column heading, for example Sessions …, drag to the right to increase the column width [Session Duration, Session per Day].

3. i. Select Aggregation to produce the Average or Sum across all instances of the selected 'what' at a single point.
Average = the default 'what' meter setting
- Sum = default 'what' counter setting
The default settings can be overridden. 

3 ii. Select Units to add a measuring unit.  Choose a unit from the drop-down menu.

3.iii  Select  Ignore, for the 'what' column values not be included in the Streaming process.
Note: Ignored columns are grayed out. To re-instate the 'what' values into the streaming process, hover over the column heading, click on the down arrow and click Include.

BEFORE clicking Stream It, check that you’ve finished fine-tuning the Stream Table.

Streaming will take a few moments - how long depends on your system and the amount of data to be processed.

To view the metrics created, navigate to the Anodot Metrics window.

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