Product Features and Highlights

Anodot’s real-time anomaly detection solution provides a single, scalable platform for visualizing, alerting, searching and analyzing multiple time series metrics. 


Anodot uses patented machine learning algorithms to rapidly find data patterns that deviate from the expected norms. 

By identifying and grouping these anomalies, classifying them by severity and other factors, Anodot empowers you to investigate the root causes of anomalies, to pinpoint performance issues and to focus on business opportunities in real-time.


  • Works in real-time, on the cloud using large scale data from any software, either through an API or a small relay.
  • Monitors any time series metrics and identifies deviations (anomalies) from your metrics’ normal behavior patterns, as learned through Anodot’s algorithms.
  • Supports creating composite metrics using a rich set of analytic functions that are applied on the existing time series data (i.e., “Excel for time series”).
  • Uses a configurable graphic Dashboard interface that displays selected metrics and/or time series metrics groupings in easy to access tiles.
  • Includes a management option for administrators to add, modify or delete additional administrators and users.
  • Users can:
      • Create and configure metric options.
      • Customize Anomaly dashboards, called Anoboards that show anomalies in a predefined set of metrics, thus isolating specific components or metrics that might be causing organizational problems.
      • Follow the time framework of an anomaly, zoom-in to specific anomaly elements and apply filters to control how they are displayed. 
      • Configure alerts trigger notifications when metrics have crossed automatically-identified normal or customized thresholds.
      • Send Alert notifications via email, Webhook, Slack,PagerDuty, JIRA, OpsGenie, Microsoft Teams and User [recipients defined as users in the host app].
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