Viewing Chart and Metrics Tiles

To display the icons, hover over the tile that you want to view. All users can view tile metrics.
Note: Only owners can update tile metrics which are designated as Owner can modify; the icons
marked with an * are enabled for view-access users. 




* Hover2MoveIcon.ico


Move the tile’s location.



Update Name and other tile settings
Click to display the Chart/Metrics Settings dialog box.
Note: If the Pen is not displayed, either resize the tile or click IconSet.ico > Settings to display the Chart/Metrics Settings dialog box.


Time Scale

Minimum time interval between two metric data samples.

  • Auto – Automatically set by Anodot based on selected date range. The time scale set by Anodot is shown in parentheses.
  • 1 Minute
  • 5 Minutes
  • 1 Hour
  • 1 Day

Changes to the Dashboard are automatically saved.




  • Metrics *
  • Settings
  • Duplicate
  • Copy Tile
  • Delete
  • Export to CSV
  • Create Alert

Note: To edit Selectors, choose Selectors in Dashboard Settings.



Toggle to Pin/Unpin legend.


Show/Hide metrics

Toggle to show/hide metrics in the tile chart


Table /Wrapped view

Toggle to view Table/Wrapped legend view

* Resize_icon.ico


Change height and width of tile.


Outline bell 

An alert has been defined - no events in the set time range


Grey bell 

Events triggered (alert open/alert close) in the set time range


Pink bell

Tile associated with the All Events panel displayed

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