Creating Dashboards

A Dashboard is a central repository for accessing and reviewing groups of metrics. Each Dashboard contains one or more user-defined Chart, Meter or Free text tiles.



  1. In the Dashboards tab, click New.
  2. In the New Dashboard Settings dialog box:
    • Type a Name for the new Dashboard tile.
    • [Optional] Add Tags. Start typing a tag, if the tag exists it is displayed in the drop-down menu. Or create a new tag by entering the complete name in the Tags field. New tags are automatically saved after selecting Create
      Note: An unlimited number of tags can be added to the Tile. Use Tags to organize, filter and search your Dashboard screen.
    • Select Who can edit this Dashboard:

      • Anyone can modify [Default] - Enables all users to edit and save changes made to a selected tile. 
      • Owner can modify - Enables only the tile owner to have complete control to edit and save changes. Restricts editing by other users. See Owner only can modify.
        Note: To check if a Tile is open to Anyone can modify or Owner can modify,
         - Either click the More icon  SettingsMore.icoon the Dashboard tile,
         - Or click the Setting menu in the Dashboard window
        The Tile status is displayed on the menu.
  3. Click Create. The new Dashboard will appear on the Dashboards window.


When Owner can modify is selected, other users can:

  • Edit the time scale resolution, time range and the default selector values from the drop-down menus on the Dashboard task bar.
  • Save their edits locally.This does not affect the owners settings.
    Note: To restore to the owners default values, click the Settings menu and select Set to owner default.   
  • Not edit the metrics, change the settings, duplicate, copy or delete the tile or export the data to a CSV file. 
  • Not zoom-in or out of a chart.
  • Not move the tiles.


a/ New Dashboards can be created from an existing metric tiles. See Copying a Dashboard Tile.

b/ A Dashboard tile owner can change the status of a tile from Anyone can modify to Owner can modify. To change the status:

  1. Select the Settings menu.
  2. Select Settings, to display the Dashboard Settings dialog box.
  3. Select Owner can modify.
  4. Click Save

c/ When a Dashboard containing tiles with alerts is deleted, the alert(s) are detached, not deleted. Alerts are retained in Anodot and will be triggered if and when they affect other metrics.


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