Creating Static Threshold Alerts


    1. Click the Alerts tab and then click the New button.
    2. In the Metrics row, click Selected Metrics or Right_chevron_icon.icoto open the metrics definition dialog box. To define metrics see Metric Expressions Workflow.
    3. In the Alerts Settings row, click Define Metrics First or Right_chevron_icon.ico to open the Alerts Settings window.
      Note: All the metric's conditions set in the Alert Settings panel must be met for an Alert to be triggered.


      - - - - -   Static threshold

      ______   Alert meets all the conditions set in the alerts settings panel

      ______   Alert does meets some but not all the conditions set in the alerts setting panel  

    4. In the Alert Type drop-down list, select  Static. 
    5. Slide the Min Duration bar as needed.
    6. Select the metric data bucket Time Scale.
      • 1 Minute
      • 5 Minutes
      • 1 Hour
      • 1 Day
        Note: The Time Scale is span of time for which metrics are aggregated. Anodot aggregates metrics into 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, and 1 day intervals. Anodot also computes anomalies on each time scale independently. When viewing metrics in dashboards or the metrics tab, Anodot automatically selects the viewing time scale based on the Time Range selected. The time scale is marked with Auto. This setting can be overwritten.
    7.  [Required] Upper Threshold - set a value greater than or equal to this threshold will trigger the alert.
    8. [Required] Lower Threshold - set a value lower than or equal to this threshold will trigger the alert. 
    9. [Optional] To receive update notifications when there is a change in one of the metrics in the Alert (for example if a new metric was added to the Alert or if one of the Alert metrics has changed state to close.
      a/  Click the Send updates on an alert
      b/ Use the scroll arrows to set a Minimum interval between updates

    10. [Optional] To alert you that Anodot is not sending data for the selected metrics:
      • Click the No Data switch NoDataControl.png
      • Hover under No Data for at least to select a time value using the scroll arrows.
    11. [Optional] To display pre-defined Events which correlate to Static Alerts, click the Events switch.
      The Events Filter panel is displayed. Use the Filter panel to select the Events which you want to correlate with the Alert.

 To view, filter and search Events, see Viewing Events in Dashboards.

Note: To include Events in Alerts notifications, the Events toggle must be switched ON .

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