Anodot Main Window

The Anodot main window contains four tabs:

  • Dashboards – the central repository for accessing and viewing groups of metrics
  • Anomalies - to view all of the anomalies discovered by Anodot
  • Metrics – selecting options for collecting and sending data to Anodot
  • Alerts - notifications of metric events triggered by anomalies, no data, or deviations from a static value

And three icons:

  To check your Account Information.

  Search for Help 

  To customize your Settings.  
From the drop-down Settings menu, the options are to select:

    • Users [Admin users only] there are two levels of Anodot users: Admin and Users.
    • Channels to create distribution channels for Alert Notifications, see Managing Alert Channels.
    • Composite Management to view user defined composite metric entities, see Creating Composite Metrics.
    • Set Time Zone to open the Change Time Zone dialog box. The default time zone is the same as your Anodot browser. To change Time Zones, click the Time Zone browser menu;  either select a time zone from the menu or type in the name of the town or GMT +/- [hours] in the browser text box. Click OK.
    • Authentication to display the Single Sign-on  [SAML] Configuration screen. See Configuring SAML 2.0 for Okta.
    • Create a Ticket to open a support request.

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