Setting Alert Types

  1. Click the HamburgerMenu.ico menu on the top taskbar, to display the Navigation panel.
  2. Select Alerts, to display the All Alerts window.
  3. Click New, to display the New Alert window.
    Note: To edit an existing Alert, select an Alert from All Alerts and Edit from the Alerts Management panel.
  4. In the New Alert window, select Metrics/Selected Metrics or the side arrow to display the Edit: New Alert – Selected Metrics window. To define Metrics, see Metric Expressions Workflow.
  5. In the New Alert window, select Alert Settings or the side arrow to display the Settings panel.
  6. Select an Alert Type:
    Anomaly – [Default]To identify when metric values deviate from the usual behavior of the metric. See Defining Anomaly Alerts.
    Static – To identify metric values which are greater than or less than the set Static value thresholds. See Defining Static Threshold Alerts
    No Data Alerts – To identify when there is no continuous metric data for a defined period of time. See Defining No Data Only Alerts
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