Anodot Home Page

Your starting point to Anodot's automated anomaly detection system and real time analytics is the home page.

ON THE TITLE BAR the icons allow you to:

HamburgerMenu.ico Display the Navigation side panel
AnodotIcon_return2HP.ico Return to the home page from anywhere in the application
Help_Icon.ico Search the online Help Center


Your user name, email, role and Token ID are displayed at the top of the panel.

If you need to copy your Token, hover over the token number, a Copy to Clipboard icon Copy_to_Clipboard_icon.ico is displayed. Follow your OS standard procedure to Copy & Paste it.


Dashboards To access the central repository for accessing and viewing groups of metrics
Anomalies  To view all of the anomalies discovered by Anodot
Metrics To select options for collecting and sending data to Anodot
Alerts To create notifications of metric events triggered by anomalies, no data, or deviations from a static value
Data Collectors  To collect, process and stream metrics and dimensions through Anodot's machine learning algorithms from your business data tools


Users [Admin only] To set a user's role [Admin/User]
Channels To create distribution channels for Alert Notifications, see
Managing Alert Channels
Composite Metrics To view user defined composite metric entities, see
Creating Composite Metrics
[Admin only] To display the Single Sign-on  [SAML] Configuration screen. See Configuring SAML 2.0 for Okta
Set Time Zone To open the Change Time Zone dialog box. The default time zone is the same as your Anodot browser. To change Time Zones, click the Time Zone browser menu;  either select a time zone from the menu or type in the name of the town or GMT +/- [hours] in the browser text box. Click OK.


Help Center  To open the Anodot online user guide 
Create a Ticket To open and a send a ticket to Anodot support  
Contact Support To send email to Anodot support

SECURITY select:

Change Password To change your password. Admins and Users can change their own passwords
Logout To exit Anodot  


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