Adding New Columns

  1. On the Stream Table, click Edit_table.png.
  2. Click PlusIcon.ico, to display the New Column dialog box.
  3. Type a New Column Name.
  4. Describe the content of the example; for example the Web Site View set in the Stream Query page.
  5. Click Create New Column. The new property column is displayed in the Stream Table.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5, to add addition new columns.


BEFORE clicking Stream It, check that you’ve finished fine-tuning the Stream Table.

Streaming will take a few moments - how long depends on your system and the amount of data to be processed.

To view the metrics created, navigate to the Anodot Metrics window.

Editing a Stream Table
Editing 'What' Columns
Transforming 'Properties' Columns

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